Taken with an ODK12 on 6.7.15. The camera was a Canon 550D at ISO800. 15 x 60sec was the exposure, all sigma-average stacked in Astroart. No guiding, no flats, no darks and no IDAS filter used. A lucky shot considering how close it was to the southern horizon. Just 11° above it among trees.
Pluto looks quite small, but then it would from here on Earth, whereas those Americans used a spacecraft to get their close-ups. Final processing in Photoshop.


Taken on the 6th of July 2015, during a collimation session. The telescope was an Orion Optics ODK12 and the camera a Canon 550D. The exposure was 20 frames of 60sec each, at ISO800, no guiding, no flats, no darks and not with my usual IDAS filter. It was just to see the effect on photography that collimation by eye had. The frames were stacked in Astroart as 4 groups of 5 frames sigma-added, and the resultant 4 frames were averaged. Final processing was done in Photoshop. It needs more time to make a reasonable photograph but it was done as a test of detail, so look at the number of stars in the body of the nebula particularly the one next to the White Dwarf.