The Moon - 28/01/2012

The Moon was out, I had a new scope, so I took a picture of it. What more can I say!
The setup was a bit lacking in focal length though, need to try sticking a Powermate in the middle next time.......

M103 - Open Cluster in Cassiopeia

First light with my new William Optics Zenithstar 80 APO!!!

The clouds must have spotted the new toy and moved in quickly to spoil my fun, so I only managed a single 60sec shot of this nice little cluster. At first glance, the star colours stand out much better with this refractor than photos taken through my Skywatcher reflector, in particular the Red Giant star in the middle of the cluster. Hopefully the clouds will part again soon so I can have another go!

The Moon and Venus - 27th Jan 2012

The Moon and Venus made a lovely sight in the twilight sky last night so I couldn't resist taking a picture!
No telescope was used for this image, it's just a simple DSLR shot through a 50mm prime lens, and on a tripod of course. Darrington church is in the foreground.

Canon EOS550d, 50mm lens, ISO200, 4sec exposure at f2.8.