M45 - The Pleiades in Taurus

This was taken on Saturday 11.9.10, with an SX M25C in a William 98FLT on an Astro Physics 900GTO, and guided by an SX H9C in a Vixen VMC260L.
Acquired in AstroArt and stacked and coloured there then processed in Photoshop.
It's really quite easy to get a reasonable result on this subject, and it suits a DSLR and short focal length telescope. The difficulty is as much in processing as in taking the photograph, because of the wide dynamic range, bright stars and faint nebulosity.
The exposure was 14x240 secs, hoping to strike a balance between the two. Perhaps the right way would have been to take two series, one short for the stars and the other long for the nebulosity. Some Noise Ninja was used, some Grad X and some pinching and a touch of High Pass sharpening. The photograph is uncropped.

Jupiter and Ganymede

Taken on Friday the 3rd of September with a webcam and a Vixen VMC260L, through poor seeing and thin cloud. Not the best with regard to quality, but interesting. If I'd caught the situation earlier I might have set up to do a longer series and made a video of it, but all well and good in hindsight.
The four were taken soon after each other and all within about 10 mins. Of course when I'd got home it cleared up, as always.
Processed in Registax and Photoshop.

Jupiter and Io - 100831

Taken on the 31st of August with a webcam and Vixen 260. A very hazy night, with seeing limited to about mag 3. But it has a steadying effect on planets, so more of a plus.
This is a good year for Jupiter as it rises quite high in the sky, after two years of keeping very low in the south, so make the most of it. It needs a long focal length, the big Meade should produce good results, and if the seeing is good, add a barlow.
Processed in Registax using 444 frames, out of 2000 taken.
That's Io in the bottom right hand corner.