Moon 13th March 2014

This image of the Moon taken on Wednesday 13th March 2014 is a mosaic composite image. Taken using a Celestron 8" SCT and a DMK 21AU04 CCD Mono Image camera.

This composite image consists of 74 video .avi files, each of 1000 frames approx. 16 seconds in length. Each video file is processed using RegiStax to create a single .tif image. These single tif images are then assembled in Adobe Photoshop to create the final overall Moon image. 

National Astronomy Week Event 4th March 2014

WYAS held a special opening at the Rosse observatory on March 4th as part of National Astronomy Week.
The theme was “Jupiter and its moons” The event was well attended by the public and club members. We had our 14” SCT in the dome operational, plus our 18”, 10”, 8” scopes and reverse binoculars all in use by the public.
We setup astrophotography on the 8” SCT and took these images during the night of Jupiter with a Phillips SPC800 web cam and Orion using a DSLR with a 40sec exposure at ISO3200.