M42 Orion Nebula October 7th 2012

These are updated images using my 8" Celestron SCT with guiding. It replaces and improves on an image taken in March 2012 unguided.

These image was taken on the 7th October 2012 at the WYAS observatory telescope pad, taken between 02:20am and 04:15am. It was a very clear night and not too cold.

These two images were taken with an exposure of 120 seconds using a Canon 40D DSLR, QHY5 guide camera and 50mm guidescope.

The top image is ISO 400, 12 x 120sec exposure giving a total of 24 minutes exposure.

The lower image is ISO 640, 15 x 120sec exposure giving a total of 30 minutes in total.

Images taken using a RAW format. These were processed totally in Photoshop. Opened, initially modifed to enhance the gas clouds and saved. Then using the HDR option, the images were stacked and processed for the final image. 

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