The North American, Ferret and Pelican - NGC7000 and NGC5070

These are, or this is, a large nebular cloud to the left of Deneb in Cygnus.
Taken last year with the Pronto on a Meade 14" and my M25C. The exposure was 14x300sec and it was guided by the Meade and an H9C. Acquired in AstroArt and processed there and in Photoshop.
The North American is the large part to the left and the Pelican is the smaller one to the right. The Ferret is the smaller one between them around the 2 bright stars, the eyes. You need an astronomer's imagination. The ferret needs a lot of it,
the Pelican is quite clear but the North American I see as a Water Buffalo. Choose your own names if you don't like these.

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